Ok, so let’s get this jam started again

To my legion… scad… 20 readers, I apologize for being derelict in maintaining this blog. Real life, other duties, so forth and so on.

But I’ve dived back into “The Genealogies”—my completed novel which awaits revision. I’m putting “Man in Landscape” on the back burner until I get that work done. I have the first two chapters revised, and will publish them tomorrow in the A.M. So watch this space, or my Tweet, or something.

As always, this space will be for my fiction and literary essays. My political writing is at http://www.theobamadiary.com and http://www.thepeoplesview.net. I’m not saying this blog is solely “art for art’s sake”, but it’s mostly that.

So hopefully at least a few people will hang in there with me and help me give final birth to this novel. I’ve been working on it for longer than I care to admit, and it’s time to send it out into the world.


One thought on “Ok, so let’s get this jam started again

  1. I will definitely be reading your novel as you write it, but I wouldn’t be able to critique it. You are an excellent writer.

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