Two rhyming poems

Never Mind What I Say

Never mind what I say
It’s all a whopping lie
I’m a poet of the day
Pulling you to laugh and cry

Never mind what I say
It’s all a bunch of this and that
I am master of the cliché
There’s always a way to skin a cat

Never mind what I say
The times do change so quickly
Attend too close and you shall stray
On paths dark and sickly

Never mind what I say
Or how my words are bending
The universe goes its way
And all our time is ending

Mr. Halifax and Me

Mr. Halifax and me
Are quite a pair to see.

We are conjoined, he and I
A pair no one can untie.

He and I are bound together
By a long invisible tether.

We do not recall when we met,
On what day, with which set.

But, it was a meeting which was fated,
Marked, stamped, catalogued, dated.

Now, don’t you get any notions;
We are no type of Sodom’s sons.

But if we were, what would matter?
The world is swamped by idle chatter.

We are, simply, men of an age,
Who have reached a certain landing, a certain stage.

Those others can go and gossip
As they try to deliver a wallop.

Pay them no mind, as we do;
Live as us, happy, with no rue.


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